40+ Golf Captions for Instagram – Hit the Ball with Special Words

Golf Captions for Instagram: Golf is the game of hitting a white ball with stick and finally porting to a hole with the stick. It is not the only time passing game also the game of richer. If you are also the player or a lover of golf game, you must share some photos like hitting the ball or sitting in the golf cart or standing with the pole for final hit on social media, then before sharing the photo you have to write some golf captions for Instagram along your photo.

We have collected best collection of golf captions for Instagram in this post imagining your love to the golf. Read below golf captions for Instagram and grab the best one for your photo to post on social media. It will bring more attraction to your post.

Golf Captions for Instagram
Golf Captions for Instagram

Best Golf Captions for Instagram

1.            Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.

2.            Work is for people who don’t know how to play golf.

3.            Golf, a sport for the poor admired by the rich.

4.            A golf match is a test of your skill against your opponent’s luck.

5.            The only thing a golfer need is more daylight.

6.            Golf, you have to play to understand.

7.            Swing hard, in case you hit it!

8.            If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt. – Dean Martin

9.            I Don’t Know How I Can Play So Well And Score So Bad.

10.          To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.

11.          I play golf with friends sometimes, but there are never friendly games.

12.          It Takes A Lot Of Balls To Play Golf The Way I Do.

13.          I found Jesus on the golf course. Well, at least I heard his name several times.

14.          There are no such things as a natural touch; touch is something you create by hitting millions of golf balls.

15.          Golf Is A Game In Which You Yell Fore, Shoot Six, And Write Down Five.

16.          It takes a lot of balls to golf as I do.

17.          I’m not over the Hill; I’m On The Back Nine.

18.          The mind messes up more shots than the body.

19.          Don’t Drink And Drive… You Might Slice A Hook.

20.          Golf Is An Easy Game… It’s Just Hard to Play.

21.          The most important shot in golf is the next one.

22.          In golf as in life, it’s the follow-through that counts.

23.          I’m not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes they’d come up sliced.

24.          A Bad Day Of Golf Is Better Than A Good Day At Work.

25.          Golf is a good walk spoiled. – Mark Twain

26.          Success Defined by hit.

27.          Keep on hitting it straight until the wee ball goes in the hole.

28.          Half of the golf is fun, the other half is putting.

29.          Golf was not our sport but was an absolutely gorgeous day to give a swing at it.

30.          No ifs, ands or putts

31.          Putter late than never

32.          Quit wasting time and puttering around

33.          The worst day of mini golf beats the best day of work.

34.          Proof is in the putting.

Funny Golf Captions for Instagram

1.            A golfer’s diet: live on greens as much as possible.

2.            Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

3.            Golf is a fascinating game. It has taken me nearly forty years to discover that I can’t play it. – Ted Ray

4.            A golf match is a test of your skill against your opponent’s luck.

5.            Early to bed, early to rise, golf all day & make up lies.

6.            A “Lion” would never cheat on his wife but a “Tiger Wood”.

7.            The size of the divot is directly proportional to the frustration felt.

8.            I’ve had a good day when I don’t fall out of the cart. – Buddy Hackett

9.            I hold several records on the golf course, but they all pertain to beer.

10.          If there Is No Golf In Heaven. I’m Not Going.

11.          Give Me Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Golf Balls.

12.          My worst day at golf still beats my best day at work. – Corn Rows

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