40+ Eye Captions for Instagram – Show the Beauty of God

If you love to share your eyes photos to social media family and searching for eye captions for Instagram to make your photo more attractive. Eyes are also the precious gift of GOD to the humankind and peoples with beautiful eyes.

In the language of love eyes are the direct way to the heart of any human. Eyes are the part of the body which can guide the brain to see the beautiful nature and colors. Sharing your photo of eye with friends and want to get more audience to your photo, then you just have to grab a line from below eye captions for Instagram.

Eye Captions for Instagram
Eye Captions for Instagram

Heart Catching Eye Captions for Instagram

1. Blue eyes crying in the rain.

2. I like you, your eyes are full of language.

3. The eye is the jewel of the body.

4. Big sucker for a sweetheart with brown eyes.

5. Beautiful eyes cloak the darkest of souls.

6. Almost nothing needs to be said when you have eyes.

7. And when he looks at me, his brown eyes tell his soul.

8. Go and see all you possibly can.

9. I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it.

10. Hope is in the thing unseen.

11. If I were a fruit, I’d be a fine-apple.

12. If you see with innocent eyes, everything is divine.

13. If your eyes are opened, you’ll see the things worth seeing.

14. it’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.

15. The eyes shout what the lips fear to say. (Eye Captions for Instagram)

16. True love doesn’t need proof. The eyes told what heart felt.

17. What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth.

18. No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.

19. My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

20. Beautiful eyes cloak the darkest of souls.

21. Vision is everything.

Best Eye Captions for Instagram

1. Beautiful eyes cloak the darkest of souls.

2. Don’t be afraid to go into the mist. Be excited because you don’t know where you will end up.

3. Eyes tell a story, you can tell everything about a person’s past just by looking in their eyes.

4. I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes.

5. Look into her eyes, not at her smile. A mouth can lie, eyes cannot.

6. Tears are nature’s lotion for the eyes. The eyes see better for being washed by them.

7. Our eyes are at the front, because it’s better to see where you’re going rather than where you’ve been.

8. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

9. Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.

10. Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.

11. A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.

12. The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.

13. Word of advice. Never peel an orange while sitting in front of a fan.

14. Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful. (Eye Captions for Instagram)

15. The eyes are the pioneers that first announce the soft tale of love.

16. If the past was what we were meant to see. Then behind, not in front, our eyes would be.

17. Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.

18. The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.

19. His eyes are so intense I want to look away ,or never look away, I can’t decide.

20. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

21. They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God.

22. Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.

23. Believes that the twinkle in her eye may be the reflection off her lost marbles.

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